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Digital Asset Professional Certification Program

Blockchain and digital assets are becoming mainstream in the fast-moving web 3.0 technology landscape. The Digital Asset Professional Certification Program from Global DCA explores new and emerging technologies in Digital Assets, Digital Currencies, Tokens, Decentralized Finance, and the Blockchain Ecosystem. Get the complete industry knowledge you need to succeed. Join like-minded professionals as we explore the future of the digital assets industry.

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Course Preview

Watch an introduction and course overview from Global DCA CEO, Gabriella Kusz.

Week 1: Bitcoin & Blockchain

We’ll discuss the basics of the original cryptocurrency. Learning this will be 50% of the necessary knowledge when it comes to digital assets.

After week 1 you’ll be able to answer these questions:

promo image for Global DCA Digital Asset Professional Course Week 1: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptography, and what is the monetary policy in relation to Bitcoin
promo photo for Global DCA's Digital Asset Professional Certification Program Ethereum, evolution of blockchain technologies, how is ethereum different from bitcoin how is ethereum preparing to scale

Week 2: Ethereum

We’ll talk about the second most valuable and used cryptocurrency and network. This gets us talking about the evolution of blockchain technology. After week 2 you’ll be able to answer these questions:

Week 3: Custody, Wallets & Exchanges

We’ll cover the new type of custody created by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – wallets – that demand different regulation. After week 3 you’ll be able to answer these questions:

promo photo for digital asset certificate training course decentralized finance, DeFi, participation in the global economy, lending protocols, crypto asset swap, staking, protocols, liquidity provider, smart contracts

Week 4: Decentralized Finance

We’ll discuss DeFi – the new financial ecosystem providing opportunities for more participation in the global economy, with more risks. After week 4 you’ll be able to answer these questions:

Week 5: Use Cases

We’ll list some of the hyped use cases and popular terms: Web 3, NFTs, DAOs, Security Tokens, and the obvious subject of regulation in the near future. After week 5 you’ll be able to answer these questions:

photo representing Week 5 Learning Outcomes: digital asset use cases and crypto glossary; common applications of Web 3, NFTs, DAOs, security tokens, how to regulate web 3.0
photo promoting week 6 training materials including crypto, DeFi, and Digital Asset regulations, risks, and opportunities, and current trends in crypto

Week 6: Crypto in Your World

We’ll discuss some regulations (or attempts at regulation) of Crypto, DeFi, and Digital Assets, accompanying risks and opportunities. After week 6 you’ll be able to answer these questions:

Meet the Instructor

Adam Blumberg is a Certified Financial Planner, and a former Registered Investment Advisor. He co-founded Interaxis in 2019 to educate advisors and investors on digital assets and decentralized finance.

His Interaxis YouTube channel is viewed by thousands across the globe. Adam is a regular contributor to Coindesk’s Crypto for Advisors and was featured on Bloomberg TV and Blockworks.

photo of digital asset professional certification course instructor Adam Blumberg